Boats Are Falling Out Of The Sky In Red Dead Online

Screenshot: Reddit

Red Dead Online’s beta launched this week, and it’s a looser, sillier experience than the main game. But a beta mean glitches, and there’s been nothing stranger than the cavalcade of burnt-out boats mysteriously plaguing the city of Saint Denis.

Players romping around Red Dead Online are taking to social media and YouTube to share a glitchy situation straight out of a nautical-themed creepypasta.

Numerous players report that they’ve encounters dozens of displaced, grimy boats cluttering Saint Denis’ streets. Players are reporting that the boats are falling from the sky or spawning in the wrong location, The result is a strange field of boat corpses. When enough appear, they cause framerates to plummet.

It’s left players wondering if there’s a more malicious cause than a mere glitch.

“Someone spawns them,” one player speculated on Reddit. “Probably found an exploit. Yesterday boats were raining at there.”

Regardless of the cause, the boats are piling up in Saint Denis. In some cases, invisible boats and other unknown pieces of geometry are spawning as well.

Travellers to Lemoyne’s civilised metropolis are advised to exercise caution while riding their horses lest they smash into an invisible boat and kill their horse. They should also be careful of approaching the boats, as they may smash about in strange directions.

We’ve reached out to Rockstar to ask about the cause of these boats, as well as an ETA on a potential fix. In the meantime, one player on Reddit asked the question we’re all thinking: “How the hell are we getting to Tahiti now?!”


    'Someone is definitely spawning them' is something I would have scoffed at if not for witnessing a hacker first-hand yesterday.

    I was in one of those random instanced PVP matches that constantly spams you with invites in free-roam mode until you relent. Some guy who looked like a hillbilly hobo was charging towards me, only he was doing it in a weird zig-zag motion that allowed him to teleport left and right a good ten metres in the blink of an eye - much, much faster than you could ordinarily run. There was nothing I could do to stop him from teleporting up to me and killing me with a knife.

    So... yeah, on PS4 at least, the 'hacking' is real.

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