Even Flight Cockpits And Simracing Setups Are Cheaper Today

Even Flight Cockpits And Simracing Setups Are Cheaper Today

It’s not for everyone, but if what this bloke is doing looks like a fun time to you, then maybe you’ll enjoy knowing that simracing setups are having Black Friday sales as well.

Simulator specialists Pagnian – their phone number is literally 1300 COCKPITS – are running a Black Friday sale for the next few days as well, meaning that a range of cockpits, wheels, pedals have all gotten a haircut.

Given that these setups cost hundreds of dollars – if not thousands – it’s good to get a bargain while you can.

Here’s some of the discounts available at the moment:

More specials can be found here.


  • That setup reminds me of the Sega R-360 game Wing War the local Timezone had. (when we had a timezone!) I played it once and spun in all directions and vowed to never play it again.

  • I can’t find the tag that says this is an ad?

    I’ve got one of Pagnian/NLR’s premium rigs and I’m underwhelmed with it. I wish I would have gotten a Track Racer instead. They’re simply not sturdy enough at times, too much flex when braking (Fanatec V3 pedals) I dropped the ball buying one of these and I suggest anyone using anything stronger than a Thrustmaster wheel should think carefully before jumping at one of these when a Track Racer can be had right now for a similar price thanks to their 20% off BF sale.

  • Can Kotaku do a bit more in the sim race scene? Even an article on the GT Sport world championships would have been good. It was massive and very successful, based in Japan too, yet we didn’t hear boo from Kotaku.

    For instance I’d like to know as early as possible if the next gen consoles will be compatible with current gen wheels. Or will we be screwed again?

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