I Admire The Perseverance Of A Man Who Swims Across The Entire Map In Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Black Flag’s world was designed to be traversed on a ship, but hey, if someone is going to devote hours of their day to swimming across the thing, then I’m going to tip my tricorn to them.

How Big is the Map? spent nearly five hours swimming to get from one corner of Ubisoft’s Caribbean to the other. No breaks, no pauses, just...gentle swimming, for 4:51:15.

Sure, there are a few moments where something happens. A passing ship battle, the navigating of an island channel. But for the most part this is nothing but the gentle lapping of the waves (leaving it on in the background is very relaxing) and Edward Kenway getting some excellent cardio work in.


    The definition of fun varies for us all

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