Nobody got Skyrim, then. Bit of a surprise there.

But don't worry. I have a feeling you'll get today's ScribbleTaku.

Now, what could it be.


    This could litteraly be any game with a world map, Plague Inc, Risk, Civilizations

    Definitely not Forza Horizon 3... as they (intentionally) messed that map up and stuck bits and pieces from all over Australia next to each other to squish into the game world.

    Golf story?
    Edit - Dang just saw it was already guessed above.

    Last edited 21/11/18 3:48 pm

    The Dig!

    Oh @Shane where fore art thou...

      If this was in fact The Dig, then @Shane is exactly where he usually is; not guessing the title when it's what the title is

        I have no clue what it is... but you know... just guessing.

        It's probably Xcom or Syndicate for all I know :)


    Cars What Go Fast: Rough Approximation of Australia Edition

    I had a game on an old Dragon 32, that you had to name various Aussie Towns and Cities as a little star popped up in their geographic location.....
    Be damned if I can remember what it was called.. :S

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