Sony Releasing A 2TB PlayStation 4 Pro In Japan

Sony Releasing A 2TB PlayStation 4 Pro In Japan

Previously, Sony released a limited edition 2TB PlayStation 4 Pro. Now a standard version has been announced for Japan.

Sony Is Releasing A Gorgeous Translucent PS4 Console

To commemorate 500 million PlayStation consoles sold over the last couple of decades, Sony will be bringing back that 90s styling and releasing this blue, transluscent PS4 Pro.

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The 2TB PlayStation 4 Pro comes in Jet Black and will be released on November 21. It’s priced at 44,980 yen ($US399 ($560)). No word yet on an international release.


  • Just to note it is ridiculously simple to do this yourself, and the $100 for a Seagate 2TB SSHD will likely be cheaper than the pricing for a 2TB model.

    • The 2TB one seems to only be 5000 yen more than the 1TB one which just had a price drop in Japan too. 5000 yen is only about $60 AUD, so it doesn’t seem to be a bad deal at all really.

    • When I got my launch PS4 I upgraded to 2TB after a few months. When I bought the Pro, I backed up the old PS4 to an external drive, swapped the 2TB to the Pro and the 1TB to the launch, did a restore and woop.

      Yes, the PS4 is so easy to change the drive. Easier than the PS3 and that was easy enough (as long as the drive screw wasn’t welded in place, metaphorically).

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