China Keeps Censoring Fate/Grand Order Character Art

China Keeps Censoring Fate/Grand Order Character Art

Japan’s Fate/Grand Order character art was first censored in China in August of last year. Now, the game’s illustrations have once again been edited.

In 2017, the local Chinese operator Bilibili was reportedly forced to get rid of two characters’ illustrations.

Here is what the art is supposed to look like:

Instead of removing the art altogether, illustrations for three characters have been edited for China.

Via Twitter user Breeze3721, here are the before and after illustrations. Some of the changes are subtle, but some are not.







  • Whaddya know? There are countries even more prudish and conservative than Australia out there!

  • They should censor it worldwide or just get it all redone, that ‘artwork’ is horrendously bad/stupid!

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