Enjoy Some More Hints About Persona Coming To The Switch

Enjoy Some More Hints About Persona Coming To The Switch
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After the announcement of Joker coming to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, fans are getting antsy to see Persona 5 come to the Switch.

Smash creator and director Masahiro Sakurai is now only fueling the fires with a joint video between Nintendo and Atlus.

Sakurai recently went on a trip to Atlus HQ, where he was interviewed and talked extensively about his love of the Persona series, especially that of Persona 5.

Online people are busy working on the translations, but the general consensus seems to indicate that its all just Sakurai praising the series.

Unfortunately no mention of Persona 5 coming to the switch was announced in any form, but the timing of this release has fan’s raising eyebrows. Recently several domain names hit the internet’s radar, including one called Persona5R.jp which has lead people to suspect it may be the switch release.

While the domain for Persona5R.jp was registered back in 2017, earlier this week Atlus moved the site onto a dedicated server, meaning it seems to be going ahead.

Most believe that the announcement will be made as the Persona 5 anime airs on December 30. Whether or they will drop a new game reveal is up in the air, but we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Knowing that a Morgana suit like that exists in the world is all I wanted this Christmas.


  • Doesn’t surprise me if it hits the switch, Atlus has already said they want Persona on other platforms including the switch, they even did a poll in japan asking if switch users want P5 and the future P6 title on switch

  • I wouldn’t be able to start Persons 5 on the Switch after playing it on PS4, it’s too long to do it again. Bring on Switch Shin Megami though!

  • Would love to see Persona 3 remastered for the Switch as well as P4: Golden with HD TV fixes.

    Already have P5 on the PS4 & have yet to finish it, so not sure would go for a Switch version even with bonuses.

    There is a new Persona Q game coming out though. saw that on Twitter before, the Japanese Persona account has it as their banner.

    • The lack of a complete Persona 3 edition really bothers me. I played P3P over FES, because I wanted full control over my party and more social links, but I missed out on full cut scenes, being able to run around the overworld and “the answer” follow up.

      • As far as I remember the original Persona 3 on the PS2 was banned in Australia because the devices they used to summon their personas looked like guns & that they were committing suicide (might be wrong about that though).
        I played the PSP version but that lacked a lot of the cut scenes and in game visual content due to the system limitations.

        A full remastered with the PSP & FES content would be the best thing they could release in all honesty.

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