Fallout 76 Player Disconnected From Clothing

Today on Highlight Reel we have cowboy moments, fantastic COD kills, disconnected Fallout clothing, and much more!

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  • My favourite 76 bug so far is the guy who discovered that he was the centre of the in-game universe – any time he died, the server would shut down.

    I think I read a short story about that, once… back in the 80s, maybe 90s. Protagonist went to go get life insurance, and the country-ruling AI governor that took his vitals rejected the application and then put him in a very comfortable, spacious prison, where someone had to break the news to him that the AI had calculated that the reason he couldn’t get insurance was that the day he died, the world would end.

      • I wish I knew… It was in a collection of sci-fi short stories, so it could be a tough find. I remember reading a lot of those as a kid – the library used to stock various publications that were compilations of Hugo and Nebula award nominees.

        There were so many that really stuck with me.

        One was about someone who discovered that they were actually an exhibit in an alien zoo (in a super-early inspiration for the Truman Show), and coming to peace with that.

        One revolved around a post-apocalyptic utopian ‘evolved’ human society that occasionally birthed defective mutant/rejects who actually looked like modern day humans in that they had two forward-facing eyes like predators instead of the ‘evolved’ humans’ who had eyes on the sides of their heads like deer. The ‘reject’ humans were cultivated in camps out in the wastes, isolated from the rest of humanity out of fear of their innate aggression. The story followed a pair of ‘rejects’ going through The Trials, and eventually learning of the existence of the more evolved humans.

        One story followed an air-skimmer pilot whose job was to patrol the ‘no man’s zone’ border of the mega-cities to laser-vaporize refugees attempting to get through the fence from the wastes. In that story, it describes how the extreme altitude and low-resolution/infrared/thermal optics allowed him to dissasociate from the killing until at one point he scanned an anomaly up close to see what the refugee was carrying (maybe a bomb?) and seeing that it was a baby, and that the refugee was a pregnant mother, able to see her looking up in fear and pleading, he failed to vaporize her and she got through… so he checks himself off-duty for psych rehab.

        One short story followed a… I wanna say waitress at a diner, who interacts with a weird archaeologist who’s being driven mad by cuthulu-esque visions but trying to hide it. From that point, ‘physical contact’ starts acting almost like a virus, granting the staff and the regulars their own disturbing visions, nightmares, and even some physical intrusions and ill-effects. The story just follows them all slowly going mad and trying to deal with it… or, er… uh… not dealing with it.

        There were a lot of cool stories in those anthologies. …A few unremarkable fails, too, but them’s the breaks. I kinda wanna see if I can track those down, now. This was 80s stuff, some early 90s perhaps, if I recall. (Which makes the drone operator one remarkably prescient.) I don’t think I was even 10yrs old when I was reading some of these, so it’s possible they weren’t written as well as I remember, but the plots and settings were certainly evocative.

        • Yeah, the nostalgia you have for those stories might be lost if you read them again, catch 22 your desire to relive those memories or be disappointed.

          Andy Wier has a short story called
          The Egg it’s more like 4 page premise but it sounds like it could be a great book if he decides to write it.

          I’ve read almost everything by Arthur C Clark and not had a bad experience, he has a lot of stories that have become reality in some way either through the technology or political landscape.

          The Expanse is a great series so far I highly recommend it I’m on book 6 right now, started reading just before the show started and its sone of the best sci-fi I’ve ever read.

          The show is my top three sci-fi shows Battlestar Galactica first Stargate SG1 2nd, but I honestly expect it to be number 1 in the next couple seasons

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