Instagram Manners And Tokyo Disneyland 

At Toon Town in Tokyo Disneyland, there is a photo spot area with a bunch of boxes. The spot has become even more popular thanks to social media. And now, it has apparently been fenced off to the public.

As My Game News Flash notes, this is what the area used to look like:

Photos like this appeared all over Instagram as well as Twitter.

Now it is closed off.

What gives?

The boxes say “No step” as in don’t step on them. They weren’t built to withstand heavy loads, but rather, for little kids to open. If they’re not strong enough for people to step on, what makes someone think they’re ok to sit on?

Tokyo Disneyland has become increasingly popular as a play to take Instagram photos. But as Twitter user Mogumogu Drop points out, people should follow some basic rules when taking snaps.

Don’t climb up on stuff, don’t sit in the middle of the road, and think about others when taking photos. Basic manners like that.


    If they’re not strong enough for people to step on, what makes someone think they’re ok to sit on? Basic physics? Your feet are smaller in area than your butt and thighs so you are going to exert more pressure on the boxes when stepping on them than just sitting on them.

      Regardless how much surface are that is being pressured on, it is still the same amount of force that is received. I agree that sitting on them spreads the pressure wider so the box can handle the weight for longer period of time. However given enough time, the box will collapse given that it is receiving pressure that it was not built to handle.

        Not meaning to cut hairs but it's not the same amount of force IF you're sitting with your feet on the ground. It's much less force than all of your bodyweight going through your feet onto the boxes.

          Now now let's get this right. I am saying the box is receiving the same amount of force but the pressure is different when it comes to the surface area the force is applied on.

          I agree that standing will make the box break faster but sitting on it will still cause the box to break but not as fast as someone standing on it.

          Pressure = force applied over the area

          Same amount of force exerts different amount of pressure depending on the surface it is applied on.

            But with your feet on the ground, like a normal way of sitting, isn't the ground also taking some of the force? So it's less pressure, and also less force?

              Unless the seat is at an angle, in general very little of your body weight is resting on the ground as opposed to the seat. You'll also notice that in most of those pictures many of the people's feet are above the ground.

                Yeah good observation. And they would have had to climb to get there as well.

                To be honest though, I don't think it's a 'shameable' offence. I've been to movieworld a few times and I always expect things to made well enough to be clambered on etc. But it's good for all of us to be aware of not being douches when getting photos done.

            True. However, in this case you also have to take into account the sides which can take a lot more compressive force than the middle. The distributed weight of sitting means that each of the four sides will be taking on a portion of that force, especially given the small surface area of the top of the box. If you were going to stand on them, you'd need to make sure that you stood on the sides and that they were thick enough that they wouldn't flex and change the direction of the force, leading to their collapse.

              Yeap. It is hard to tell without knowing the structure of the box but knowing that it is just some random decoration piece to take photo, the force it could handle is probably not high. We won't know when it will collapse and dangerously it is in a place with a lot of children around.

              For safety sake, they did the right thing to stop people from sitting/standing on it.

      This is far more likely about height than weight. It creates a possible public liability when folks are standing/balanced on raised platforms

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