Here’s BattleTech For $30

Here’s BattleTech For $30
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BattleTech is one of the better games of 2018, and if you didn’t grab it before the holidays you can do so quite reasonably.

The turn-based mecha strategy, which was one of the better indies of 2018, is available through Fanatical now for $30.59. That’s $26 less than what it’d cost you on Steam, and noticeably cheaper than GOG as well.

Battletech Is Pretty Good

Released on PC last week, Battletech is a new strategy/tactics game by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun). In the absolute simplest terms, it's kinda like XCOM, only you're in control of some giant lumbering mechs.

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BattleTech‘s first DLC is out as well, although it’s best to knock out the singleplayer (which is part turn-based tactics, part management sim) before thinking about that. And if you need more of a background on the game before jumping in, we’ve got some gameplay and coverage below.

My Battletech Pilot Died From A Heartbreaking Stray Shot

Battletech's giant robot brawls can last a long time before one side claims victory. The recently released tactics game embraces a slow, deliberate pace that can lull the player into false comfort. Thanks to an unlikely dice roll, a single critical attack this weekend became one of the most shocking moments I've ever had while playing video games.

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Watch Us Blow Up Giant Robots In Battletech

Battletech is a really good tactics game that combines giant mechs with XCOM. I've spent many hours building experimental robots and taking dangerous jobs to keep my mercenary corps afloat. Kotaku video producer Paul Tamayo was curious about the game, so I ran him through a mission to learn the basics.

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  • I’d never heard about fanatical. Until I’ve read about them 20 times in the last few weeks on this site. Checked it out. Nothing too impressive but man are they pushing the marketing hard here.

    • They used to be called something else you probably heard of. Can’t remember the old name.

      But Battletech is fucking awesome and everyone who likes Turn Based Strategy should get it.

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