How Do You Get More From Your Favourite Games?

How Do You Get More From Your Favourite Games?
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Sometimes you love a game so much that you don’t want it to end. Even completing all of the challenges it has to offer just aren’t enough and you need to come up with something more. I’ve just spent the last week at Awesome Games Done Quick but speedrunning is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fully exploring a game you love. How do you do it?

For me, the answer is mostly speedrunning. It started with a love of Spelunky that devolved into grinding out no gold speedruns of the game after several hundred hours of play. That eventually lead to my discovery of Trauma Center as a speedgame, which I’ve played for hundreds of hours so that I could understand and master every single aspect of the game. It culminated with me travelling across the world to be on stage at AGDQ playing a game that I love, surrounded by friends and strangers cheering me on as we raised money for charity. I don’t think I’ll get more out of Trauma Center than that.

At Awesome Games Done Quick, there were more than a few people like me there but there were also a bunch of people who would do all sorts of silly challenge runs to explore the deepest depths of the games that they loved. Dark Souls and Elder Scrolls are both series with bizarre challenge runs that include everything from beating the game without getting hit to beating the game by only using a dodge roll as an attack.

Unlocking achievements, multiplayer and simply playing the game again and again are all great ways to get more out of your games so what’s your preferred method of getting the most from your favourite games?


  • I enjoyed Skyrim so much that after I completed the main quest and most major side quests, I bought a house, dropped all my gear into it, then picked a quest/dungeon all the way across the map, setting the game to max difficulty.

    Rules were that I couldn’t fast travel, and could only use items I obtained on the way.

    My stealth / bow specced character fighting a dragon who I came across in (the lowest quality) heavy armour and a sword was particularly nail biting, and doing that gave me about 20 extra hours of enjoyment on a game I had thought I was done with.

  • I find often if you scour a trophy/achievement list it’ll give you some weird scenarios you hadn’t thought of.. Not that you do it for the trophy, but it shows the developers thought of some interesting ways to play their game..

    and also you get the trophy 🙂

  • One of my favorite games on the snes is Shadowrun. So I gave myself the challenge of only ever using the first gun the game gives you (beretta pistol). So set out to beat the game with just that weapon. It required using shadowrunners, to get past some sections and turned the game more into what the PnP game is about. So was a fun challenge.

  • I accept the beauty of the notion that the ending is part of the journey and move on while taking the wonderful experience and exciting memories with me.

    Then if I truly loved it, I will replay it in about 10 years.

  • I usually go back and play Chrono Trigger once a year. Always NG+ so I have max level characters and basically steamroll everything but its still fun.

    Love the Twin Golem fight in the Ocean Palace, I manipulate the party’s ATB to never let the twins get a turn and hit them with Water/Fire/Light 2. Worst I get back is Iron orbs so lose 1/2 my HP but its a price I’m willing to pay to never take a proper attack from them.

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