How To Make Ace Combat VR Even More Immersive

Screenshot: Taka

This is Taka. He’s really into fighter planes and has figured out how to up the immersion factor in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

Taka turned his PS Vita headset into a Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System and mounted it on a helmet.


According to Taka, he spent around 200,000 yen ($2,546) ordering the gear from the U.S. with the mask, costing around 90,000 yen ($1,145), being the most expensive part.

It might have been a bit too immersive because Taka said he threw up while playing Ace Combat 7 in VR mode.

Gran Turismo, however, was more enjoyable for him in VR!

For more, you can follow Taka on Twitter.


    It might have been a bit too immersive because Taka said he threw up while playing Ace Combat 7 in VR mode.

    Oh damn, with the mask and everything?!

      He should've left the tube attachment in.

    I've been looking for a fighter helmet for years to do this. Now I won't be special anymore :(

    What is a "Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System"
    Do his mods do anything to the actual gameplay, or is it all cosmetic?

      IRL the JHMCS is basically a helmet visor that displays HUD symbology directly into the pilots FOV regardless of where they are looking. One of its functions is to allowing cueing of IR seekers like on the AIM-9X up to 90deg off bore sight just by looking at the target, rather than bringing the aircraft's nose around. Gives the pilot a wider firing solution among other functions.

      Purely cosmetic. This is not really a JHMCS, it's VR. But VR allows the function of a JHMCS to come alive in the game (if implemented). You can do the same with track IR though.

      I lol'd a little seeing this being used for immersion while playing Ace Combat! Call me a purist, but It's a little oxymoronic. Some flight enthusiasts like it, but I don't get the point of wearing a flight suit and helmet while playing a game in a lounge room. Although I have spent as much if not more on a decent HOTAS and rudder setup for hours of simulated flight in DCS. Ace combat does not interest me in the slightest, it is the most watered down version of flight combat/simulation you can find. It's almost laughable they consider it a simulation.

    Now this is how you game. This guy is so cool!!!

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