Into The Spider-Verse Had (and Then Brutally Murdered) An Australian Spider-Man In A Deleted Scene

It’s no !

We’ve known for a while that Into the Spider-Verse almost very briefly had a heavily accented, g’day-yelling Aussie Spidey in its lineup of alt-reality webheads, but Backstory has revealed the entire cut moment from the script where Australian Spider-Man would’ve shown up…and promptly died a horrible, agonizing death.

Part of the conceit of Into the Spider-Verse’s multiversal travel was that, due to their atoms being in an unknown environment, the Spiders not of Miles Morales’ Earth-1610 were “glitching” out of reality, their bodies slowly degrading until they would ultimately expire—which is why Noir, Ham, Peni, Gwen, and Peter needed to get home to their own worlds ASAP. But this deleted moment in the script would’ve underscored their potential dire fates if they stayed with Miles much longer through the Australian Spider-Man…who would’ve glitched to death before their eyes.

Because, being from a wildly different timezone, Aussie Spidey had been there roughly 24 hours longer than all the other New York-native Spider-folks. Get it! Time zone jokes! Also: horrifying murder.

However, the scene was cut not for its graphic Spider-death, according to co-director/co-writer Rodney Rothman. Speaking to Backstory, it was simply because he’d added a very hard-to-animate scene to the film late in production, much to the chagrin of the artists racing to finish the movie:

I invented a character I called Australian Spider-Man, who was also part of the group of Spiders that appear halfway through. He told everyone he’d been there for a day already because he was 24 hours ahead, and then he glitched to death very gruesomely in front of the others. They all then look at each other and say, ‘Oh, my gosh, we only have 24 hours to live!’ I nearly got fired, because me adding that character at that moment of production showed a profound lack of understanding of the process of animation production and where we were in that moment, so that particular idea didn’t even make it to storyboards. People just met the next day and looked at me and were like, ‘Go eff yourself.’”

Woops. Australian Spider-Man died (well, lived, technically?), so that the rest of Spider-Verse could live and be on time.

You can read the full script extract here, and pour one out for poor Aussie Spider-Man yourself.

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