Our Video Game Predictions For 2019

Our Video Game Predictions For 2019

What’s coming for video games in 2019? What sort of wild predictions do we have for the year? Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, we discuss.

Every January, Splitscreen makes a bet to see who can rack up the most correct guesses about what’s going to happen in the coming year. Last year, Kirk won, which is why I’m playing through all of Bloodborne. This year, we’ve added Maddy, which means three times the predictions. You can see all 30 of them below.

This week we also talk about Pokemon, Crosscode, Orphan Black, the NFL playoffs, and much more. Listen here:

Get the MP3 here. Our predictions:


  1. Valve will change the 70/30 Steam split as developers begin to ditch them.

  2. At least one game studio will vote to unionize.

  3. Fallout 76 will turn into a redemption story – we’ll see headlines and forum posts like “Hey, Fallout 76 is good now.”

  4. The PlayStation 5 will NOT be announced

  5. Microsoft will buy a major company — not just another mid-tier studio, but something that makes us all say “Wow.”

  6. Konami will announce a new Silent Hill game.

  7. Microsoft will bring GamePass to a non-Microsoft platform.

  8. Lucasfilm will announce that Star Wars games are no longer exclusive to EA.

  9. PC/enhanced edition of Red Dead 2 will include a remake of RDR1.

  10. Final Fantasy XVI will be announced.


  1. Super Smash Brothers: Melee is not going to be on the EVO main stage, not even by fan-submitted vote.

  2. We will not see a reveal of any Metroid Prime 4 gameplay.

  3. Ninja will continue to not stream with a woman.

  4. Capcom will announce a DLC fighter pack or updated MVC Infinite that will include at least one of the Fox property X-Men/Marvel characters.

  5. Bandai Namco will launch an actual world tour tournament series for Soulcalibur VI.

  6. Dixie Kong, Rayman, and Banjo Kazooie will not be added to Smash Ultimate.

  7. Bayonetta 3 will have a Beyonce-esque drop—“and it’s out TODAY!”

  8. Valve will announce a game.

  9. Nintendo will announce a Peach game.

  10. No more Overwatch characters will be revealed to be queer in 2019.


  1. Sony will announce a portable PS4 that works like a Switch.

  2. Nintendo will hint or reveal that in Metroid Prime 4, you’ll play at least some of the game as someone other than Samus.

  3. A US game studio will vote to unionize.

  4. We will learn that the PS5 controller will have something new in place of the touchbar.

  5. We will learn about a foreign influence campaign aimed at the 2020 US election that will somehow involve video games on Twitch or YouTube.

  6. Epic will announce a Fortnite movie or TV show.

  7. Microsoft will call the next Xbox the Xbox Two.

  8. From will tease a new Bloodborne for PS5.

  9. Nintendo will announce new Switch with camera, bluetooth, and the ability to plug directly into the TV with no dock.

  10. Nintendo will announce a BOTW sequel in a different world with the same mechanics and physics, sort of like Majora’s Mask to OOT.


    • Only the hardest hitting and most news worthy axe grindin- err, I mean video game predictions around here.

  • PC/enhanced edition of Red Dead 2 will include a remake of RDR1.

    RDR2 maybe but definitely not an enhanced RDR1, im fairly sure that the code was barely functional in the ps3/360 days and to get it on PC (and in this case current gen) it would take a complete rewrite of the games code.

  • I love the optimism! I hope most of it comes true, though I can’t see fallout being a redemption story until at least 2020. I’d love a RDR 1+2 combo but honestly I’d just take them confirming 2 is coming to the PC at all.

  • Konami will give us a mobile game based on silent hill with micro transactions. It will be a rhythm game.

  • Probable reality: EA or Activision will start selling decals for bullets

    Dream: Cyberpunk 2077 will be released and live up to the game i have been waiting for since 1990

  • Lucasfilm will announce that Star Wars games are no longer exclusive to EA.

    God I hope so. EA has had exclusive rights for, what, 5 years now and all they’ve managed to fart out is two lame microtransactions shooters.

  • Xbox Game pass already allows games to be played on PC, been playing state of decay 2 with a mate all weekend 🙂

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