Scribbletaku: Week 2

Hey guys, second week of me covering Scribbletaku while Alex is finally taking some time off (seriously the guy never stops working).

Last time the scribble was guessed on the second clue - it was Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.

Now for this one I am looking for the specific game it comes from - not just the series.

Good luck!


    Ah yes, the Chickenfeather 20th Battalion (Peck From Above), as famously seen in the Hunt for Red October.

    Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire

      There's no such thing as QFG5, that's just a myth told to scare children.

        It wasn't that bad, i mean, it was better than QfQ 3

          I don't know, I enjoyed the African setting, even learned a bit of Swahili from that game. I think I'd still rate 3 higher than 5. It's certainly the weakest of the original four, though.

            I feel we have had this discussion before.
            Also QFG 4 is the best

              I think we might have talked about QFG2 and 4 before. 2 is my favourite, but 4 is also excellent.

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