Suspected Arsonist Destroys Seven Cars At Anime Con

Image: ABC News

A suspected arson attack has torched seven cars in the parking lot of a hotel where Anime Los Angeles attendees have been staying over the weekend.

The incident took place early on Sunday morning, just before 2am. The night manager of the Azure Hotel & Suites in Ontario, California told ABC News that surveillance footage “showed a man walk up to the main vehicle, pour two cans of gasoline all over it and then [flick] a match on it”.

The Azure is listed as one of the “official” hotel partners of the con, and was packed with guests attending Anime Los Angeles, which was itself held at the nearby Ontario Convention Centre.

That first car caught fire then spread to nearby vehicles. As a precaution the hotel was evacuated.

ABC reports that the cars “were partially melted and charred”, while the first vehicle affected was towed away for investigation.

No arrests have been made.


    Bloke was a stalker rejected by a cosplayer so he set her car on fire. It is believed he is now in custody. Sounds like a real piece of shit.

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