The Wii Shop Theme Was A Banger

The Wii Shop Theme Was A Banger

Opening in December 2006, and serving millions around the world for over a decade, the Wii Shop closes its virtual doors at the end of today.

While the storefront itself will be gone, though, its theme song will live on forever.

The Wii’s low-fi system soundtrack, like the Wii U’s after it, was a beautiful thing to just leave on in the background. Like, for ten hours, if that’s what you wanted:

But the beat could do so much more:

And finally, in the most fitting way possible to say goodbye:


  • I bet you love that song lemonmule and since the Wii Shop Channel is now been laid to rest I’ll never forget listening to this Wii Shop Channel theme song.

  • I heard this tune heaps of times but only found out last year where it came from. Great piece of music

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