Wargroove Brings Advance Wars Back

The world needs more Advance Wars. That's exactly what Wargroove will provide when it comes out on February 1.

Shown off as part of Nintendo's Indie Highlights, Wargroove is an Advance Wars inspired tactics game.

The closest thing we've had in recent years was Into the Breach which was awesome but didn't quite scratch the same itch.

Featuring a robust set of customisation tools, players can make their own maps or work through Wargroove's campaign, arcade and puzzle modes.

There are four warring factions in Wargroove with their own commanders for you to take to the battlefield with.

Wargroove releases on February 1 on Switch, PC, Xbox One and PS4.


    More Turn Based strategy games PLEASE!!!
    Need Vandal Hearts or more Front Mission games!!!!!

    Why the hell aren't we getting another Advance Wars?! This looks great, but it's not the same!


    Though Advance Wars had a better soundtrack. When you heard Sturm's music, you knew you were in trouble.

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