Apex Legends Is The Game We Didn't Know We Wanted

Apex Legends blindsided me in more ways than one. I had already been making a loose gaming schedule for the weeks ahead, and now this fantastic battle royale game is pretty much the only thing I want to play.

It wasn’t actually that hard to make room in my schedule for Apex Legends. With Overwatch finally falling out of my rotation, I had a void left wide open. I’d tried filling it with some Battlefield 5 and maybe a little Black Ops 4 here and there, but they both have not hooked me in the same way that Apex Legends has.

I now find myself reading up on strategies, watching highlight videos, and even just thinking about the game during my morning commutes into the office. It’s the perfect blend of two of my favourite genres, so naturally, it’s now snatched the top spot on my playlist.

This week I sat down with another colleague of mine who has been equally obsessed to talk about what makes Apex Legends so good and why it couldn’t have come at a better time for both of us.

Watch the video or read an excerpt here:

Paul: I was like, “OK, my next game’s gonna be Anthem.” I was scouting games.

Gita: Yeah, that was my set plan, was to check out Anthem and motor through Far Cry so I could write about it and that just got thrown out the window the minute Apex Legends came out.

Paul: It totally ruined my game plans, and I can’t remember the last time a game has done this - where a game comes out of nowhere and now I’m obsessed with it to a point where now I’m reading about the game and watching “pro strat” videos.

It feels like Overwatch again for me. I’m learning about the meta and figuring out ways for me to be more effective the next time I play. I’m thinking about the game when I’m not even playing it.

Gita: I’m completely obsessed. “Obsessed” is the right word. I have been bodily taken over by Apex Legends.

I’ve never been the kind of person that sits around watching highlight clips, but I do that now. I wake up and I check Reddit for work every morning but now I find myself in my free time just scrolling through the Apex Legends subreddit and watching all the clip highlights.

And I just know I couldn’t explain what makes it so fascinating to me to another person.


    Apex legends the game we didn't know we wanted full of the microtransactions we don't.

      No pay-to-win micros. That's a good start.

    This is basically where I'm at. Overwatch fell out of favour a couple of months ago and I've been occupying myself till either Anthem or Division 2, with some Siege and Switch indies thrown in...
    Then, BAM. I'm staying up till ungodly hours playing a game I had no idea existed 2 weeks ago, thinking about in my down time, watching vids in my lunchbreak at work...
    So good.

      It's so good hey. Constantly wanting to get back in and try again.

    I know I didn't want it and after playing it I still don't want it.

    I like how AL respects your time without feeling childish, and how it promotes teamwork even amongst randoms.

    A full game takes 20 minutes, and the rest of your squad is as important as you in your success.

    I've installed it but never actually launched the program.

    Getting stuck pretty heavily into auto chess though.

      If you like PubG then I think you'll enjoy Apex Legends as well.

        Never played PubG or any other battle royale. Didn't like the look of them tbh.

    PUBG is still numero uno for me, when I can find a game on OCE servers........

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