Brazil's President Uses Sonic The Hedgehog Music In Video

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s new right-wing President/pre-eminent Donald Trump cosplayer, has a message he’d like the world to know. A message his people have somehow set to a Sonic The Hedgehog boss battle’s theme.

Here is the tweet, nominally about investment in Brazil:

That music, though. It is, of all the recorded music on this planet, the theme for the second phase of the battle against Solaris, the final boss from the 2006 version of Sonic The Hedgehog.

Before you ask, yes, that’s the one where he kisses a human.

Via Village @ Resetera


    These articles always just get people with opinions on politics banned from commenting on video games.

    I mean I like them, but I fear that publicly liking them is an invitation to moderation.

      And who doesn't love reading arguments between one group of people who got tricked in to thinking there's two types of people by the powerful and wealthy......
      I sure as shit get a kick out of it so let's get the ball rolling!!

      Can't wait till our election gets rolling, it's gonna be messy and completely defined by the same bullshit America has been exporting so successfully.

        To me, it feels like it's quietening on this side of the pole. I think the constant sushi-train style PMs made us just want to STFU and wait for someone we actually want to vote to come along. As it is, our options look to be down to voting for either one of two wet shits or throwing reason to the wind and voting for that one dead shit.

    Could be worse, he could pull what Clive Palmer did with Twisted Sisters music.

    Where is this 'Moon/Space Society' I was planning on being a part of in a post-2000 universe?
    All these images we were shown of people living on the moon or on idyllic space stations with forests kept inside of a massive glass dome, the kids shown playing on their hovering Scooty Puff Juniors, the Dad outside in a space suit welding a solar panel, whilst mum and robot are providing domestic duties in the habitation pod (it was the 80's and still sexist).
    It's 2019 and instead of the above, we get the re-emergence of the far-right, the continued proliferation of fossil fuels, and consumer level VR technology, yet without genital stimulation begin a standard functionality.

    I hate the future. It was supposed to be cooler than this.

      I chuckled, it's so true.
      We finally got to the future and when we look around for our hover boards and sex robots all we see is social media and security cameras.
      It's like, "Ah shit, we're in that dystopian one"

        Fuck. You’re right. It is the dystopian one. We’re just comfortable with it because they gave us smart phones at the same time.

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