Breath Of The Wild Now Runs Beautifully In 4K (On The PC)


While the latest Zelda game has been available in 4K for a while now on the PC via emulation, its performance wasn’t always the best. It is now.

The latest version of the CEMU emulator, 1.15.2, is now able to run the game at 4K resolution, with framerates between 60-100fps.

I know the game is already gorgeous as nature intended it, on the Switch. But hoo boy this is gorgeous.

(This video is available in 4K/60fps, you might just need to toggle it in the video settings if your platform supports it)


  • Should I try this game if I haven’t played any of the other Zelda games? I mean, will I understand it? Can I enjoy it without playing any of the other Zelda games?

    • Every Zelda game is a stand alone story. The only thing that connects them is they are told in the same universe/world. You could literally pick up any Zelda game and just go.

    • In addition t what ruddaga said, BotW actually follows a different format to the previous Zelda games as well.

      • Uh, why not both? Plus, he’s not talking about graphics, it has a beautiful art style, but how the game RUNS, framerate and resolution. These are very different things you’ve misunderstood.

        • I don’t think I’ve misunderstood anything really. It’s just us console users are always used to frame drops; it’s a product of Joe Public preferring visual fidelity over high frame rates.

          Of course I recognise and fully endorse the experience you get from dedicated PC hardware , it’s great, but to be honest nothing developed for said hardware generally has half the charm, heart and fun of something like Breath of the Wild. Limited constraints breed creativity and all that etc .

          • Generally? Oh look a broad blanket statement that has no merit or truth.

            Here I’ll make one too – Nothing Nintendo makes could not be made a 100 times better on much more powerful hardware.

      • Yeah, sure, because anything with incredibly detailed graphics like Dragon Age or The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, or Bioshock is for dudebros, right, yeah. /s

        You’re dumb.

    • It’s a handheld game. If the hardware was good enough for 4k the battery would last for about 1 minute

      • It’s a shame they don’t have an e-GPU dock though, the technology is mature enough that it only isn’t an option because Nintendo doesn’t want it to be an option.

        • I’m not sure what that is. Do you mean the dock could hold an entire different set of hardware for 4k gaming while the console has all its own hardware for handheld mode?

          • Essentially yes. The market for such a device probably isn’t there. You’d have to pay way more for essentially two consoles.

          • yeah that would be about $1000 at least for something like that. Hey, id pay for it but im not sure many other people would

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