Hollow Knight Is Getting A Full Sequel

What was once downloadable content has morphed into a completely new sequel. Late this evening, local indie developer Team Cherry announced Hollow Knight: Silksong, and it sure looks fantastic.

Previously promised as DLC for the spectacular action-platforming game Hollow Knight (thanks to a Kickstarter stretch goal), Silksong stars Hornet, the spear-wielding heroine (and occasional antagonist) from the original. There’s no word on a launch date yet, but the developers say it’s set in an entirely new kingdom with many new enemies, bosses, towns, quests, and so on. It’ll launch on PC/Mac/Linux and Switch first, with Xbox One and PS4 versions to follow.

Watch the trailer here:

You can also watch the developers at Team Cherry talk more about Silksong in this informal 20-minute developer diary. “Almost from the very start, Hornet’s adventure was intended to take place in a new land, but as we dove in, it quickly became too large and too unique to stay a DLC, as initially planned,” they wrote on their website. “We do know that makes the wait a little longer, but we think the final, fresh world you’ll get to explore is worth it.”

Hollow Knight is a brilliant, beautiful game, so I will be lining up for this one as soon as it comes out. And it was smart of the trio of developers to transform the planned downloadable content into a standalone game, one that even people who didn’t play Hollow Knight (who exist, inexplicably) will be able to check out. After all, single-player DLC has been a tough sell.


    Silksong looks incredible, easily the game I'm looking forward to the most, whenever it comes out.

    At some point i'll finally finish Hollow Knight, I loved it but it started kicking my ass towards the end.

      Keep at it. Its a fantastic game that deserves to be finished. It kicked my ass too but I forged ahead. Still have to go back and get the other 2 or 3 endings

        The feats required to complete the "Godmaster" endings look like a heinous slog - have to beat every boss in the game without dying once in succession including the harder version of the Radiance.

    Do these guys ever sleep? Hollow Knight was an incredible amount of content for not a lot of money and if Silksong is going to be at least as big again, then I just can't get my head around how they do it.

    Very much looking forward to this, though.

    Love the art and graphics updates as well as making Hornet play differently from our former Knight hero. Looks like they really put a lot of thought & effort into her movement styles and changing how the levels are structured to make use of the new movement system.

    This has just rocketed to the top of my most wanted list.

    “We do know that makes the wait a little longer, but we think the final, fresh world you’ll get to explore is worth it.”
    A cynical part of me thinks "it also allows another cashgrab when you can sell it as a full price game" The common sense part then says "and that doesn't matter"...

    But a different game with a different developer might not get that same reaction. Like, say EA releasing both a FIFA and a FIFA World Cup game in the same year...

    End of the day, yay for another Hollow Knight game.

      As long as there's enough content in the end product to justify the asking price, I don't have an issue with it.

      It's certainly not without precedent - Naughty Dog ended up breaking Uncharted 4's DLC out into a separate game. And The Lost Legacy was more than enough game to justify that decision,especially since it wasn't released at the usual $99 price point.

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