Listen To Banjo Read Magic: The Gathering Cards

Banjo, the titular bear from N64’s Banjo-Kazooie, can speak, but not in words. When he moves his mouth only gibberish comes out. It’s a cursed virtual life he leads, especially when he’s forced to read the words on Magic: The Gathering cards.

Reddit user haochies created a program called Banjo MTG. It’s pretty straightforward: type in the name of a Magic card and then listen to the words translated into Banjo-speak.

The next time someone tries to argue with you about whose cards resolve first, just tell them be sure to bring in Banjo to help clear things up. (Thanks Destructoid.)


    Sadly the most work Banko has had in a while... and for the foreseeable future!

    I thought that said Bajo, now I'm slightly disappointed.

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