How Much Was That PS Classic Worth Again (Update: It's Gone)


While the rest of the world is trying to flog off the PlayStation Classic as quickly and cheaply as possible, local retailer Catch seems to have something else in mind.

Update: Catch's local PR has informed Kotaku Australia that the exorbitantly priced PS Classic has been pulled from sale.

Catch's well, slightly exorbitant price for the PS Classic was spotted by Lifehacker Australia editor Chris Jager. It's more than triple the price of literally every other retailer in Australia, primarily because this model is being imported from GoodPoints in the United States.

Good thing shipping is free, then.


What's funny is that Catch are also selling the PS Classic for $108.47, although for some reason the $310 imported model appears as "more popular". That's still almost $20 more than what MightyApe, The Gamesmen or stores on eBay are charging.

Still, it's nice to see a storefront somewhere that values the PS Classic at PS4-level prices. Especially when other stores are trying to give the console away as a free gift.

The PS Classic Is Basically A Free Gift Now

The PS Classic didn't turn out the way Sony, or gamers, really hoped. So, naturally, the only response left is to discount the living hell out of it to the point where it's basically free.

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