Tetris 99 Is Completely Insane

Tetris 99 Is Completely Insane
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If you found yourself questioning why anyone would turn Tetris into a battle royale, here is your answer.

It doesn’t initially seem like a good idea, right? The classic game of dropping blocks paired with the winner-takes-all style.

Until you get to the final few, and then Tetris 99 becomes unbearably intense. Case in point: this game from cobretty on Twitter, where they comes back multiple times from the precipice.

In case you’re wondering, this was all done with regular JoyCons plugged into your bog-standard JoyCon grip. You know, the controller with a pretty ordinary D-pad.

Over two minutes of mashing those tiny buttons to survive. Good lord.

But if you thought that was insane, here’s another video from the same player. After about five minutes, they’re faced with an absolute nightmare of a board, with holes everywhere that make it look like a Minecraft creeper.

And yet again, for a few straight minutes, they just continue digging themselves out of the hole.

This game is insane.


  • Been playing this so full on. It’s funny to me but it totally has the same phases as a regular BR.

    You have your early game. A few knock outs but mostly people getting ready for a fight

    Mid-Game things atart hurting alot as people unleash their combo’s

    End game is pure focus and insanity until 1 person remains.

    So fun and the music for it is so damn good.

  • Best I’ve managed to do is 16th place.

    Some matches are just pure bad luck though, sometimes I can easily make it to the top 20 or 30, and other matches I just get bombarded with junk quicker than I can destroy it and end up being knocked out in the high 80s.

    Really enjoying it despite that, it’s a great bite-sized game to play in short bursts. Excited to see what updates it may get in the future.

  • Been really enjoying this, and have found I either get knocked out really quickly or make it through to the teens before being knocked out.

  • Joycons in the grip is probably the optimal way to play this game, given the Pro Controller’s nasty habit of generating spurious up inputs when you don’t want it to.

    Newer pro controllers are probably fine, but if you have a launch window pro controller… don’t use it to play this game.

  • managed to get to 12th place once and top 15 a few times but just not good enough at tetris to get any higher than that but damn am i having fun 🙂

  • I was so keen to play this amazing new BR F2P Tetris… but sadly, no article mentioned that I’d need to pay for a Nintendo online account. Hell no. Not worth it for just Tetris.

    Shame, the gameplay concept is amazing.

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