The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plans In Australia

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Choosing a new phone plan can be a pain in the butt, even when you know exactly which model you're after. Nobody wants to go to every telco site and open 400 tabs for the sake of comparisons.

That's why we've pulled together the best Samsung Galaxy S10 plans that were announced today. You're welcome.

Every Samsung Galaxy S10 Plan And Pricing In Australia

Samsung has kicked off the new phone season with its biggest flagship launch ever - the Galaxy S10. After a big launch the telcos are usually quick to follow with their pricing plans and pre-orders. We have them all right here for you.

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Pre-orders for all telco plans are open between now and midnight on March 7. The Galaxy S10 range will then be on sale from March 8.

Anyone who pre-orders before March 7 will be eligible for a complimentary pair of Galaxy Buds, which have an RRP of $249.


If you're looking for the cheapest plans overall and don't need much data, Woolworths is going to be your best bet.

While the $69.53 a month S10e is the most economical of the lot - for an extra $6 a month you can upgrade to the regular S10.

You don't get any extra storage, but there are some added bells and whistles that will future-proof your phone for longer than the entry-level handset - a bigger battery, a triple camera setup at the rear and 8GB RAM vs 6GB.

You can view all of Woolworths' plans here.

128GB S10 with 10GB for $75.78 per month

128GB S10+ with 10GB for $82.03 per month

128GB S10e with 10GB for $69.53 per month


While the S10e is the cheapest from Telstra, it's not the best value for money. For $10 extra per month you can upgrade to the S10 and get an additional 30GB of data.

If you're really want that S10+ on a reliable network, you might consider dropping another $15 a month for the 128GB model if you don't think you'll have intense storage needs. You'll still only get 50GB of data, but that's still quite a lot.

If you really want to go for it? For $134/month you can get the 512GB S10+ with 50GB data. That might be breaking the budget for some people, but if you're keen we have the details over here.

128GB S10 with 50GB for $109 per month

128GB S10+ with 50GB for $124 per month

128GB S10e with 20GB for $99 per month


As per usual, Optus has low-balled Telstra, offering similar plans for a cheaper price. The 128GB S10+ will cost you $19 less per month on Optus and still comes with 50GB of data.

The S10e and S10 plans below also come in cheaper at under $100 a month.

128GB S10 with 20GB for $90 per month

128GB S10+ with 50GB for $105 per month

128GB S10e with 20GB for $85 per month

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You can also view all of Optus' plans here.


While these Voda plans are more expensive than Optus (before applying loyalty discounts at least), they all come with 50GB data per month, including the S10e.

If you're looking at the entry level handset with a really nice chunk of data, Voda is my pick of the bunch for the S10e. Sure, Woolworths is considerably cheaper, but it also has no where near as much data.

The 128GB S10 and S10+ are also better deals- a maximum of $11.20 and $2.45 more, respectively, gets you 30GB of extra data per month.

But again, if you want something with more storage, it's worth checking out the other plans that Voda has on offer.

128GB S10 with 50GB for $101.20 per month excluding any loyalty discounts

128GB S10+ with 50GB for $107.45 excluding any loyalty discounts

128GB S10e with 50GB for $94.95 per month excluding any loyalty discounts

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