Titanfall Battle Royale Game Apex Legends Is Out Now

Titanfall Battle Royale Game Apex Legends Is Out Now

As expected, development studio Respawn announced its Titanfall spinoff battle royale game Apex Legends this morning, and it’s out right now.

The free-to-play game is sort of like a cross between Overwatch and Call of Duty’s Blackout battle royale mode. You can get it on PS4, Xbox, and PC. We’ll be checking out Apex Legends and publishing impressions soon.

Also coming in 2019 from Respawn is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which is slated for release this fall. Titanfall 3 is also likely in the works, although there’s no word on when we’ll see it.


  • Looks pretty good. Not so big on the bright cartoon like graphics but at least it’s more borderlands than fortnite. Keen to give it a try tonight.

    • Yeah I don’t know why they left the robots out. I think it could have made for an interesting dynamic

      • Probably because it would have been a balancing nightmare. Also I’m no game dev, but I imagine it would also drastically diminish the player count and thus negate the core principles of the Battle Royal genre.

  • I saw the monetization video on IGN and it seems pretty tame by EA standards. still zero interest but hey maybe EA learnt something from Battlefront (lol who am I kidding)

  • Look i could take or leave the Titans and can understand why you may want to make these either super rare or non-existent in a battle royal game but why is there none of the parkour stuff? I was excited for this as i loved Titanfall 2’s multiplayer and thought this might give people an excuse to jump back in but without parkour it just looks like a less interesting COD game (somehow)

    • they said they took it out because you couldn’t really predict where players would come from, and it was really at odd with the design goal they were going for, when you could lay in wait or set a trap for people.

      • I did read that explanation and I do even understand that removing it lowers the barrier for entry (although fortnite building is pretty in-depth and mechanically challenging and it sits in what is considered the most accessible battle royal space)but it also leaves the game in a weird position where there is not much that it does that more popular battle royal games don’t already do.

        Just seems super weird to me to use established IP and then not use what is generally considered the selling point of the IP, like a Fallout game without NPCs or a Diablo game for mobile.

  • No Titans
    No Wallrunning
    No Double Jumping
    No Titanfall 3
    No thank you

    Thanks EA!

    I’ll probably wind up giving it a go but the quirky fortnite characters are definitely off-putting. Especially after the fantastic armour designs of Titanfall.

    Am I the only person who dislikes hero shooters?

  • Pleayed one match. Got 1 kill and top 10 squads before dying. Back to lobby, and felt like I don’t need to see more of this generic battle royale stuff.
    Felt like I did it before in PUBG/Fortnite/CoD4/Paladins version of it. Didn’t need more of the same.
    There is very little changed to the formular. After jumping off the plane, the leader forces everyone to land as one (which sucks as I feel like it takes away freedom IMO). The few characters that exist have some kind of ability and ultimate which in the end wont matter too much since guns are still what will kill you very quickly. A toxic mine or a grappling hook on cooldown arn’t gonna determine who comes out on top..not do they change up the gameplay compared to whats been done in CoD’s blackout.
    Knowledge of the map and gun skills will.

    One feature that is added, is that you can revive not just downed players, but also dead players but picking up their banner and taking it to a rez station.
    Not sure how useful that is because you’re very vulnerable while you wait 10 seconds or w/e the time is for your bar to fill up, at a camped location..

  • I’m yet to play because I’m at work but my mate’s having been saying good things about it. Well it’s free so it’s not like your losing anything if it doesn’t pan out

  • Without wallrunning/parkour and titans this is just a bad COD ripoff, super duper disappointed.

  • Easy way to determine if it’s a real Titanfall:

    If in 2 weeks you’ve forgotten about it, it’s a Titanfall game.

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