Conan Exiles And The Surge Are The PlayStation Plus April Lineup

PlayStation Plus continues with its new offering of only two games, both for PlayStation 4. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

April’s PlayStation Plus games are:

  • Conan Exiles

  • The Surge

And...there you have it.


    Telling us *something* about the games might be appreciated, Riley...

      Basics: They're both pretty shit.

      Details: The Surge is a bad sci/fi rip off of Dark Souls from the makers of Lords of the Fallen.
      Conan Exiles is Rust but with Conan.

      Agreed, listing two games and calling it a day is lazy

    Cool. I've always wanted to play The Surge, but the general consensus was always "Dark Souls but not as good" so I never picked it up.

      I wanted to like The Surge, but after playing it for a while, the combat felt cheap and inconsistent. I mean, there were cheap shots in the dark souls games but they felt more “natural”. If that make sense.
      I liked Conan! Yes the combat was a repetitive, animations a bit crappy. But the world is varied and interesting. And although it takes a while to fully explore it, there is some cool lore underlying it, slowly revealed.

    Both are really bad. I've had the misfortune of buying both.

      I got rid of my ps plus a year ago. Most ps4 exclusives are single player, and I play all my multiplayer games on my x on the superior xbl network.

      You don’t need both.

        Both as in Conan (Which is multiplayer) and Surge (singleplayer). Both aren't that great of games. lol

    Hmm, starting to feel like PS+ is not worth the dosh. The only online action in my house is the lad playing Fortnite, which doesn't require it anyway. Shit game lineups like this aren't particularly compelling.

      Was thinking the same thing. I doubt we're not alone.

      On the other hand, I've built up quite a list of games on PS Plus, and it would be a shame to lose them all.

      I expect it'll have to change though, and quickly. The drop off is jarringly noticeable. Take games away from two (of three) platforms at the same time, not replace them, AND lower the standard of the premium platform games you still give. Its asking for backlash.

        Ahhhh the backlog.... I didn't think about that. Damnation.

        I have a hunch that next month might be Bioshock Remastered.

          yeah, several years of free games would be hard to give up. It can easily be a couple of hundred games over the different platforms.

      I got rid of PS+ and haven't really missed it.

    I've been meaning to try The Surge so happy to play that during the summer/winter drought.

    Are dongs still a thing in Conan for console? Asking for a friend....

    I really enjoyed my time with the surge.
    Wasn't a huge amount of time but 20+ hours or so.
    Ended up stopping because of limited playtime and a bit of a roadblock of a boss fight. Was certainly possible for me to defeat it, I just needed the ability to focus on it which I didn't have.

    Conan these days is actually pretty addictive now that all the infuriating bugs have for the most part been ironed out. I've been playing since day one (launch time and for a good while after that was admittedly a f'in mess), the game gives you nothing when you jump in, doesn't explain what to do or how to do anything, you just have to explore and figure it all out as you go (which is part of the fun), but once you get an idea for what you're doing you can start building some pretty sweet bases on your way to becoming the alphas of the server. Survive. Build. Dominate.. Or if you just want to build without the risk of having your base destroyed you can play on the PVE servers instead of PVP.

    What's all this negativity about The Surge?? It's easily my favourite Souls-like, including the actual Souls games. You're all bullies :(

    So with PS+ as soon as you stop paying you lose the games until you pay again? Was thinking maybe just getting it for The Surge and then letting it expire

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