The Original Diablo Is Now On GOG

The Original Diablo Is Now On GOG

Blizzard Entertainment and are teaming up to re-release classic Blizzard games. Because, you know, nostalgia sells.

First up is Diablo, the 1996 title has been brought back with the ever so appropriate 20 FPS SVGA graphics if you want the original experience. There’s also more modern-friendly performance if you’d like something smoother, though. Players will still be able to matchmake through the classic Blizzard online service.

You will also be able to play a version of the game that is compatible with Windows 10 and has a lengthy list of bug fixes attached. Just choose which version to run from the launcher.

This however is the extent of the modernisation of the retro RPG, with Blizzard wishing to keep the OG Diablo as close to the one fans remember as possible.

The Original Diablo Is Now On GOG
The Original Diablo Is Now On GOG
The Original Diablo Is Now On GOG
The Original Diablo Is Now On GOG
The Original Diablo Is Now On GOG

Return to Sanctuary or venture into the game for the very first time.

“We were bummed that these iconic games weren’t available to our players, so we‘re very happy to work with the crew at to rectify that,” said Rob Bridenbecker, Vice President and Executive Producer, Blizzard Entertainment. “This has been a long time coming and we hope our players will be excited to jump back into these classic titles. “

Down the line we will see other original Blizzard games like Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft 2 become available on There has been no statement on when these will be released.

Diablo is available now for $13.79 at


  • Still have my physical copy.

    Though honestly, the game had many issues. If you’ve ever used a mod (like the hellfire “expansion”) to gain access to the nightmare and hell difficulties with a new character, you discover quite quickly that ranged weapons (or even better, spells) render the normal difficulty almost moot, because as long as you can kill one monster without being hit, you will quickly gain levels that allow further monsters to fall even faster.

    • Its a formative game that deserves to be remembered by more than just those of us growing up at the time, but yeah, it had its issues.

      I remember getting the Hellfire expansion, and I don’t think I ever figured out if it was bad, or OK…

    • Ditto. I’m not sure I could bear to reinstall this because I fear the reality of it would sear away the veneer of nostalgia and I’d wind up hating it.

      I do love that it’s been released though. Good to see older classic games like this saved from oblivion.

  • Time to mention that if you pick up DIablo, check out The Hell mod, which is a pretty insane overhaul for the game.

    There is a sequel to the Hell (called the Hell 2) which promises to fix many things and further improve, but is still in beta (but built on the hell, and a solid two years of dev at this point).

  • 14 bucks for a 23 year old game? Really? Seems a bit steep. Might have gone for it if it was 10 bucks or less.

    • It’s just been (re)released. Give it a couple months and it’ll be on special at half the price.

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