EA Won’t Hold An E3 Conference This Year


E3 this year is looking to be a quiet one, with both Sony and EA bowing out of the event.

The publisher said in a press release today that it will again hold EA Play in Los Angeles during the weekend before E3, but that the focus of the event will be livestreams and hands-on for players.

While this sadly means that we won’t be seeing any more teasers for Dragon Age 4 anytime soon, we also won’t have to sit through the cringe fest that is every EA press conference. There will not be a half hour of sports game trailers with minor celebrities awkwardly endorsing/attempting to play a prerecorded segment of the game or an overly cinematic opening for the next Battlefield title that would inventively set the internet off on another hate filled tirade when a female is shown participating in the war.

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With Anthem having a sloppy start on both beta and full release weekends it seems that EA needs to regroup and maybe let the Bioware team have some outside time to reconnect with the world and remember how to make a good game again.

Here’s hoping something good will come out of this.


  • Once EA work out how to add micro transactions to E3 they’ll be back.

    But for the time being it seems no one is actually participating in E3 any more!
    Gonna be boring.

  • let’s face it they’ll probably just announce another mobile game based on a beloved franchise if they attended E3

  • It’s a complete slap in the face for EA since they won’t be hosting this year E3 press conference despite Bioware’s Anthem been given a slow but sluggish start to 2019.
    At least EA is still going to bring us Unravel Two when it unravels it’s way on to the Nintendo Switch later this month.
    Because I’m definitely all in for EA’s Unravel Two but EA skipping E3 this year is a third party publishers worst ever nightmare.
    Nintendo will still be hosting this year’s E3 along with Activision which I’m hoping to hear an announcement from Activision on their plans of bringing Spyro Reignited Trilogy to the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft will also be hosting this year’s E3 as well.
    But as for this Xbox Games Pass rumour coming to the Nintendo Switch this year it’s just not going to happen.

    • I personally think its just a function of the changing times. E3 would be great if you were there. But the reality is that 99.99% of gamers don’t or can’t go and in the age of the internet why tie yourself to a conference when you can pick a weekend put your own thing on and simply stream it to youtube for the content creators to pick up and run with…

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