NVIDIA Finally Fixes That Infuriating Apex Legends Crash

NVIDIA Finally Fixes That Infuriating Apex Legends Crash

It’s been a month since Apex Legends first launched, and over that time the game’s popularity on PC has only really run into one major speed bump: the fact that it keeps crashing all the time.

You might be in the lobby, in the middle of a fight, or as happened to me, literally seconds away from winning. The DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error takes no prisoners, but in an update today, NVIDIA has announced that they might have finally fixed the problem.

The fix for Apex Legends was noted in the patch notes for the 419.35 NVIDIA drivers, which rolled out globally this morning. To fix the issue previously, users were told to rollback their drivers to a more stable version – although that didn’t really help users with RTX cards, who needed the latest drivers to enable ray-tracing and AI-powered features like DLSS in games like Metro Exodus.

But a month on from release, NVIDIA has finally fixed the error. The latest Game Ready driver includes fixes for crashes on Star Citizen, errors with flashing on G-SYNC monitors, high CPU usage in the NVDisplay.Container.exe program and, most importantly, that Apex Legends bug.

NVIDIA Finally Fixes That Infuriating Apex Legends CrashImage: Nvidia

The patch notes that Shadow of the Tomb Raider can still crash whenever the Ansel photo tool is enabled, as well as some errors with HDR in Far Cry: New Dawn:

Desktop brightness and colour gets overexposed with ALT + TAB when Windows HDR is disabled and in-game HDR is enabled. To work around, enable both the Windows HDR and the in-game HDR.

Not ideal, but at least it’s not as disruptive as the Apex bug was. You can download the latest drivers now through either Geforce.com or the GeForce Experience middleware program.


  • Ah damn there’s a crash to desktop bug with no error code a lot of people are getting and I was hoping that would be fixed too.

    • I wonder if that bug is server side, my mate and I were playing a few days ago and we both crashed to desktop with no error code at exactly the same time twice in one night that can’t be a GFX driver issue.

  • Wonder if this fixes a similar issue in Rainbow Six Siege with video rendering hanging on RTX cards.

    Still, this was pretty piss poor from Nvidia.

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