System Shock 3’s First Trailer Is Here

System Shock 3’s First Trailer Is Here

It’s been in development for a few years now, but we’ve finally got our first proper look at System Shock 3—which sees the return of Warren Spector to the series—at this year’s Game Developers Conference.

The trailer is only a teaser, running for just over 30 seconds, but whatever. It’s System Shock 3!

The game is being developed by OtherSide Entertainment, and was supposed to be published by Starbreeze, but that company’s recent financial turmoil means publishing rights are now back with OtherSide.


  • The System Shock reboots / sequels have been a lukewarm experience so far. Not that it could happen, but I kind of wish CD Projekt Red would swoop in a-la Interplay / Bethesda, take the whole thing over and turn it into something amazing; something that would do justice to the legacy.

    • There was one very good sequel and a reboot that’s not even finished. I don’t know what you’re even referencing.

      • You don’t know what I’m referencing because all these projects don’t exist yet, which is precisely my point. I think I’m even a backer for one of them, but I’m a bit tired of the endless footage and tech demos which haven’t blown me away and don’t seem to lead to actual games.

        • I’m also a backer for the remake. The fact remains.
          There were two system shock games, a pending remake of the first, and a pending sequel. There’s no way for you to have had lukewarm reactions to things that don’t exist.

          • Sorry, it may be my poor phrasing – my lukewarm reaction is because they don’t exist. I’ve seen a lot of announcement and hiatus and re-announcement over a long period of time and it’s kinda worn out my pituitary gland. Without looking it up, I don’t think I had to wait as long for things like Battletech or Baldur’s Gate Remastered. I’m not sure all these SS projects will turn up and I have a feeling if some of them do I may be underwhelmed. Much of this seems to be leading to something more Underworld Ascendent than Wasteland 2. I’m guessing, however, your faith is stronger.

          • I’m not that faithful, I’m just happy to wait and see.
            The updates on actual content for the SS1 remake are pretty much every month. They’re a smallish team, but they seem to be making solid progress. I was actually happy with their reimagining thing, but people got upset so it meant they had to bring it back to the drawing board and do a lot over again. That takes time.

            SS3 I have zero opinion on. Hope it doesn’t suck, basically.

            Battletech didn’t take all that long, but they had a pretty big team. They’d also come off the back of three other games in the same engine. They were probably really quick compared to other teams.

  • fingers crossed this comes out good. SS2 is one of the best / most influential games i have ever played. I got hyped for the SS1 reboot but thats been a long time and its still not ready. i hope this is good.

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