The Internet, And Sonic’s Creator, React To Sonic’s Movie Design

The Internet, And Sonic’s Creator, React To Sonic’s Movie Design

We now live in a post-Sonic the Hedgehog-movie-render world.

Sonic the Hedgehog does not resemble a hedgehog in the slightest, and I’d argue he is more recognisable because of it. He’s a blue ball with spikes on his head, skinny legs, conjoined eyeballs, and sneakers.

In the upcoming Sonic movie, he (probably) looks like this.


I don’t like it, and neither did a lot of the internet. In fact, Sonic creator Yuji Naka took to Twitter to explain exactly what he didn’t like about the design.

Kotaku’s Tim Rogers translated these tweets, which read, “I feel like, with this Sonic here, visually, the important thing to look at is the head and body ratio and the roundness of the abdomen. I wonder if they couldn’t have balanced them a little bit better…These images of Sonic aren’t coming officially from the movie-making source; I think it’s possible they’re being strategically leaked, though getting people talking about it ‘because it’s bad’ can’t be good for Sonic’s existing IP.”

He continued, “Well, there’s also the possibility that this is fan-made, though even so, I’d still prefer it if they’d put some gloves on him. Seeing him bare-handed is quite a shock.”

Thank you, Naka! I also find seeing him barehanded to be a shock! Now onto the jokes.