YouTube Embeds Are Currently Broken [Update: They're Back!]

If you've noticed something a bit weird with YouTube today, it's not just you. The platform is some issues today with embedded videos, resulting in a whole bunch of sites displaying server errors.

Update 1410 AEDT: And they're back! Resume normal time wasting activities, everyone.

The error doesn't appear to be related to YouTube directly - videos seem to play there perfectly fine. But if you try and embed a YouTube video, as many, many websites on the internet do, you get this awkward ugly "500 Internal Server Error":

The embed problem isn't just related to websites. YouTube embeds are breaking on other parts of the internet, like Facebook and Twitter:

For the record, here's what the error looks like. (If the below embed worked, you'd see a link to my playthrough of Ty The Tasmanian Tiger.)

Not pretty. YouTube hasn't officially responded, but we'll keep an eye on things.


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