YouTube Went Down For Over An Hour Today [UPDATED]

YouTube Went Down For Over An Hour Today [UPDATED]
Image: Kotaku

Say goodbye to all your favourite let’s players, game walkthroughs and new game trailers, YouTube is down! As YouTube is a platform that some people rely on for their entire income, a lot of people are, understandably, freaking out.

While small issues were affecting service earlier this morning, YouTube has crashed almost completely in the last half hour or so. YouTube’s official Twitter account has been inundated with questions and reports about the problems, and put out this statement:

Aussie Outages lists thousands of reports in the last hour, with comments flooding in from people frustrated by the sudden lack of time-wasting videos for them to watch. Some users report being able to connect for short moments, then being sent back to the error screen. The outage seems to be affecting users worldwide.

As yet we have no word from YouTube on what the problem is related to or if there’s an estimated time on a fix. They have indicated that the problem is affecting not just YouTube but sister services YouTube TV and YouTube Music as well. Everyone tweeting at YouTube support has been given a similar message that the team are aware of the issue and are working to fix it.

Update: YouTube put out the all clear earlier this afternoon, and most people’s services started returning to normal a little before that message. YouTube still hasn’t clarified what caused the service outage.


  • Well, I guess that explains it then.

    Note: I had to scroll past a ridiculous amount of adverts (all repeated many times) to find the little comments section hidden between all the crap.

    • Yep, Allure has gone to hell.

      You can’t read an article properly without a stupid ad expanding then contracting the text while you’re in the middle of reading it. And if you’re on mobile there’s about 4 miles of scrolling before you reach the comments, only to realise you missed them, and proceeded to the next infinite block of ads.

      Revenue is down because people are leaving the site because there are too many ads. Solution? Add more more ads. Revenue is even lower. Add more ads! MORE ADS GODDAMNIT!

    • The worst is my mobile browser that kicks me out of the comment box while writing every time an ad loads, and more often than not it kicks me out to a point where I inadvertently tap on an ad and get taken to the advertising site…

    • You need to adblock Kotaku dude. It’s quite honestly the worst website I visit for ads now with that bonkers Taboola Feed they have.

      • We shouldn’t have to use ad-blockers, the problem is kotaku’s management making their site user-unfriendly.
        The number of times I’ve tried to click a link and an ad has expanded – I’ve lost count.
        Someone from kotaku should respond to this thread, not good enough.

          • Hi! I’ve been off sick today, so hence late replying, but the feedback is very much noted and appreciated.

          • It’d be great if you could post something on the site to let us know it’s OK to switch the adblocker off again.

            I tolerate it at home, but anywhere else (where I read the most), it’s too much.

    • It is, but it was down for more than half an hour. That’s pretty long for a distributed service like that.

  • “…without knowing precisely what the danger is, would you say it’s time for our viewers to crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside?”

    “Yes I would, Kent.”

    • I think it’s much more likely half the world spent and hour hitting F5 over and over again whilst posting tweets about the world ending.

    • Nah. I get the feeling that Vimeo and Newgrounds got that spike instead of productivity. Reddit and 4chan may have gained a few new users as well.

    • Apparently it was a country trying to block youtube for the public consumption and they ‘accidentally’ got a little too enthusiastic and it ended up ‘blocked’ in other countries. China’s done stuff like this before.

  • When I read this at first I thought they were down as in GONE, you know, due to the adpocalypse and, shitting all over some of their best content providers, and actively promoting Spiderman/Elsa adult content.

  • As YouTube is a platform that some people rely on for their entire income, a lot of people are, understandably, freaking out.

    From what I’ve seen, a lot of those people are pretty awful anyway. Maybe this will provide a few quiet moments of downtime for some of those narcissistic douchebags to reflect on what they’re doing with their lives and inspire them to – oh wait, no, never mind, it’s back up again.

  • Andrew Watt recently lost yet another defamation complaint against SidAlpha.

    Maybe this is a result of Watt throwing the biggest tantrum he’s ever had?

    On a serious note though, yes, Watt is still doing this.

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