Nothing Will Beat Psyduck Hugging Pikachu Today

Take my heart and ship it to heaven.

Avengers: Endgame might be dropping later this week, but it's got nothing on the genius-level trailer that appeared on Ryan Reynolds' YouTube account earlier this morning.

It's more Detective Pikachu, except the whole thing is set to the tune of What A Wonderful World. It's also just filled with adorable moments of Pokemon being the best, Psyduck giving Pikachu an A+ hug simply being one of them.

Detective Pikachu hits Australian theatres on May 9.


    Movie looks great, and I think the studio must believe in it because they are promoting it pretty heavily (unlike when they know they are on a flop and just quietly bury it - I'm looking at you Hellboy!).

    except. usually hugely marketed movies, are that ones the studio believes noone would want to see usually, so they try and get it in your face to convince you

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