Apex Legends Is Coming To Phones

To the surprise of no-one, EA has confirmed that they're trying to bring Apex Legends available on mobiles following the game's success on PC and console.

Anyway, that's what EA and Respawn are sagely doing with Apex Legends. During their latest investor call, EA's COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed that the battle royale would be released in China and on mobile:

We are in advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and to mobile, and we will update you on timeframes when those negotiations are concluded. We are self-publishing Apex Legends in Korea.

Jorgensen noted that self-publishing in South Korea would help EA build a "direct connection" in the region, which they hoped to leverage for other games. The Sims 4 has also had its "strongest year ever", including the year when it launched, according to the transcript.

During the investor Q&A, EA's Jorgensen highlighted just how successful Apex has been compared to their other titles. "I think our biggest concurrent user day in FIFA would be 1.5 million users. And [with Apex] we saw concurrence that we're 5x to 10x that is some cases," Jorgensen explained.

Towards the very end, EA CEO Andrew Wilson also mentioned that the way in which EA launches games is likely to change going forward. "What we're doing now is all the organisation is saying, okay, typically the way we would have marketed games like [massively online games] is on this drip feed approach of releasing new content over time, build up kind of the appetite and the excitement for the game and then launch the game and it would run. As games as gotten bigger that system isn't working as well as it has done in years gone by."

"But it also comes down to changing how we launch games and how we rolled out and you should expect we'll start to test things like soft launches, the same things that you see in the mobile space right now and it also comes down to changing how we communicate with players," Wilson added.

The full transcript of the investor call can be read here, although you may need to register for a free account.


    How much more lipstick can you stick on the pig that is Source 1?

    Apex first released
    Me: wow, this is so good for an EA game, but something doesn't feel right
    Apex Releases season pass
    Me: hmm ok, idk..
    Apex Mobile
    Me: Ah! there you are EA,

    The fact that they're focusing on China and Korea shows that they understand the market for mobile battle royale games, but if it doesn't run on low-cost devices like PUBG Mobile does, its worldwide appeal might be limited. Fortnite hasn't been able to break into low-income markets like PUBG Mobile has because it only runs on high-end devices, whereas PUBG Mobile is a massive hit because of its accessibility.

    So does that mean it'll get a Switch port too...

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