Destiny 2’s New Exotic Quest Brings Back One Of The Best Guns From Destiny 1

Destiny 2’s New Exotic Quest Brings Back One Of The Best Guns From Destiny 1

Destiny 2’s latest update has added a new exotic quest whose reward is a re-issue of one of the best guns from the first game: Outbreak Prime.

The new quest begins, like so many in Destiny do, with the hunt for a transponder. This one is located on Titan in a hidden room at the end of the Bad Neighbours heroic adventure.

The transponder has six nodes, each with a different symbol that can only be unlocked by finding them out in the world. To do so, you can follow this guide]. Once completed, the transponder grants access to a new mission called Zero Hour that takes place back in the Old Tower.

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It’s the reward at the end of all this that really has players excited. Completing Zero Hour grants players a weapon called Outbreak Perfected, a call back to one of the best exotic pulse rifles from the first Destiny.

That gun was a reward for completing the Channeling the Corruption quest from September 2016’s Rise of Iron expansion, which involved an alternate reality game, lots of maths, and tons of players working together to try and solve it.

It remains one of the series’s most ridiculously complicated puzzles to date. The gun lived up to the work required to get it, with a special perk that would let it spawn nantes to swarm enemies and deal extra damage.

The puzzle to unlock the Old Tower mission isn’t nearly as complicated, but the mission itself is hardly a walk in the park, with Fallen enemies sporting light levels of 690. That makes it strictly an end game activity, which will prevent most people from jumping right into it. At the same time, it provides a compelling goal for players to work toward.

In addition to Zero Hour having some interesting lore behind it, Outbreak Perfected, which brings back the nanite perk, will likely be a powerful force in Destiny 2’s Gambit mode. Also the gun looks cooler than ever.


  • I still got this in my library waiting, will I miss out on much by not owning the expansions?

    • You miss out on some great weapons. The base Destiny game has a limit of Level 20, power level 320. The base game is good, but you miss out on weapons and armour with randomized perks, attaching mods, higher level cap (level 50, power level 700). Forsaken is a great expansion, honestly incredible story telling and so much hidden content to discover. All the randomized weapons, and a fighting chance in the monthly event Iron Banner

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