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Ape knows Hyper Light Drifter well! Yesterday's scribble was from the main background art, but that sword and cape is pretty recognisable even when traced. (Let's be real: I can't sketch that stuff.)

Now, can you guess today's game?

I'm betting you probably can. Good luck!


    But I truly thought you drew it...
    Keep practicing anyways! EVERYONE can draw at ANY time of their life.
    And your job let's you draw everyday so you may as well practice along the way, and we get to guess! It's win/win!

    Also, Fallout 76?

      Not FO76! But thank you. I'mma keep trying.

    It is very familiar but can't quite place it
    Feeling it might be a team based shooter like battleborn or something

    But I'll guess bedlam

    Part of me thought Gatling Gears or Iron Brigade, maybe even Greed Corp, but it looks strangely like the tachikoma from the PSX GITS game as well...

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