Tiny Custom Arcade Cabinet Models Are Glorious

Tiny Custom Arcade Cabinet Models Are Glorious
Gif: <a href="https://twitter.com/ostraking">ostraking</a>

Twitter user Ostraking makes models of iconic Japanese arcade cabinets. The results are spectacular.

As IT Media shows, Ostraking’s little models were recently on display at a hobby show in Shizuoka. 

Inside are small LCD screens, running captured demo footage.

There is so much detail in Ostraking’s work!

These 1/12 miniatures do an incredible job of bringing cabinets to life on a small, yet highly realistic scale.

The Virtual On twin sticks for the Astro City model cabinet are custom made additions for the mass-production miniature model, while the Megalo 410 cabinet is custom and was created with a 3D printer.

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