UNO’s Twitter Account Is Busy Telling Everyone They’re Wrong

UNO’s Twitter Account Is Busy Telling Everyone They’re Wrong

There are some jobs that must be full of the joy for the people who have them. One of those: using the UNO social media account to tell everyone they’re wrong.

The UNO Twitter account, ordinarily, is a fairly chill place. It’s an account for promoting UNO. Not the spiciest of internet content.

But then, two days ago, someone decided to pour petrol on everyone’s UNO-loving childhoods:

This is the equivalent of an UNO mic drop. Holding back a spare draw two or draw four card is a common defensive mechanism. But as UNO has been making painstakingly clear, for two days straight: You. Can’t. Stack. Cards.

It’s great if you look at the account’s replies through something like Tweetdeck, because then you get a full page of straight “no” and “nope”.

UNO’s Twitter Account Is Busy Telling Everyone They’re Wrong
UNO’s Twitter Account Is Busy Telling Everyone They’re Wrong

The account also reminded people that saving a swap card for your final card is a really bad idea:

But mostly, they’re just busy telling people no.

On the bright side, everyone has been ignoring the official rules since Uno was first released in 1971. What harm could a few more decades of house rules do? Stack away, rebels.


  • Of course you can’t put a draw 2 on a draw 4. You can only put draw 2s on other draw 2s, and draw 4s on other draw 4s.

    • We did that but we did not add up the Draw cards total, so the last person without a matching card had to Draw 4 or Draw 2 and miss their turn. e.g.
      Player 1: Plays Draw 4
      Player 2: Plays matching Draw 4
      Player 3: Doesn’t have a Draw 4, so instead picks up 4 cards and misses turn

      • It’s a pretty popular house rule, like collecting tax money on Free Parking in Monopoly, but they’re right that it’s not in the official rules. Draw four never stacked, but a rule misreading made people think draw two could stack because it says a draw two can only be played on the same colour “or another draw two card”. They meant ‘for the next person who gets to act’ but people took it to mean the victim of the draw two could do it.

  • Huh… TIL Uno the Move enabled an optional setting that allowed this… I’d always thought the only option they enabled was 7s/0s. My whole understanding of Uno is based on a lie!

    … Oh well. *gets on with life*

  • Imagine thinking you were friends with the kind of person who would go looking up evidence like this on the internet to win a game of Uno. 😀

  • Was so staggered by this that the bus driver had to tell me to swipe on. It was all I could do to find a seat!

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