You Can Now Have Official Pokemon Weddings In Japan

Image: Pokemon

ESCRIT, a Japanese company specialising in wedding ceremonies, recently teamed up with The Pokemon Company to start offering officially licensed Pokemon weddings. There are now some pictures of the first ceremony to be hold, and there is a lot to take in.

As you cast your eyes over these images, please remember this is not a wedding simply put together by Pokemon fans; this is professional work, with no corner of the festivities left untouched by the hand of The Pokemon Company’s licensing department.

First up, as you can see up top, the wedding package gets you two Pikachu mascots, one each for the bride and groom, to serve as...bodyguards? I don’t know.

Things only get more licensed from here. There’s official Pokemon food, like Pikachu’s arse:

Image: Pokemon

And this exquisite, tastefully-branded dessert:

Image: Pokemon

The wedding cake was a huge Pokemon affair, complete with this cute-as-a-button placard:

Image: Pokemon

My personal favourite is the wedding certificate itself, which is a work of art:

Image: Pokemon

Should this have got you all misty-eyed, there are more pics at the Japanese Pokemon website.

via Go Nintendo


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