Toucannon Has A Powerful Gun Beak And It Ain’t Afraid To Use It

Image: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku
Image: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Toucannon!

Toucannon Details

Type: Normal/Flying

Average Height: 3′ 07″

Average Weight: 24 kg

First Added In Generation VII

Sometimes I think a Pokemon’s name was created first and then they worked backward from there. Toucannon is a great example of that. It’s a wonderful name. You hear it you can already start to figure out what it does and how it works and even what it looks like. But then you see the Pokemon and you are a bit surprised, at least I was, by how normal and boring it looks. It’s just a toucan. Well, a toucan that can launch seeds out of its beak with enough force to break through cement walls.

I should have mentioned that sooner. Sorry. I take a weekend off and forget how to do these things. Anyway, yeah, Toucannon isn’t just a catchy name, it also aptly describes what this bird Pokemon does. According to Pokedex entries listed on Bulbapedia, it shoots seeds out at super-speed using gasses inside its beak. Why are there gases inside a bird’s beak? I have no idea. But watch out. These seeds can completely shatter boulders. I imagine they can rip right through a person, like some annoying kid trying to catch one of these things.

Screenshot: The Pokemon Company

Nothing on Bulbapedia or in its Pokedex entries talks about this, but I have to assume the military is using these things. If not yet, they are working on a way to use them. Imagine training one of these things to shoot small explosives or poison darts? You could have a deadly, fast, and discrete agent of sabotage and chaos. It would be a shitty thing to do, but this is a universe that lets kids run around with a dozen creatures and compete with said creatures in dogfights. So I don’t think ethics is a big concern.

I’m still a bit shocked by how boring the design of this bird is. It just looks like a toucan. Hell, Toucan Sam is a more interesting and creative spin on a toucan than this thing. (Though Toucannon does have a better name than…Sam?) Maybe the person who designed this one was in a hurry and only had like a day and just figured “Why not a toucan, but with blue feet? That will work!” And nobody at The Pokemon Company noticed or cared enough to say anything to this person about how uninspired this bird looks.

Favourite Fan Art

Image: GAmesterAlexa , Other

I never realised just how big Toucan Sam’s beak is and now looking at it I can’t stop thinking about it. I might just go sit down and think about this for a few hours. It’s tripping me out. How does he even fly around…?

Random Facts

  • Another wild thing this bird can do: Its beak can get really, really hot. It can warm its beak to temperatures over 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • According to Bulbapedia, Toucannons communicate with each other by hitting one and other with their beaks. Considering their beaks are basically toaster ovens that shoot seeds, that seems like a bad way to communicate.
  • After hearing all that, you might be surprised to also learn that in the Pokemon universe Toucannons are often brought to weddings as a good luck charm. I can’t imagine a bird with an open beak that shoots seeds as fast as bullets is a good thing to bring to a wedding. But what do I know!?

Best Comment From Last Week

Another fun Amoongus fact:

Amoongus is extremely popular at parties as he’s a fungi.

(I scrolled through the comments to see if anyone made this terrible joke. You all disappointed me.)

Thankfully, you were here to drop this wonderful joke for us all. We thank you. Truly.

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