Hands-On With Microsoft’s New Elite Controller

Hands-On With Microsoft’s New Elite Controller

The current Elite is already the best controller (a lot of) money can buy, but Microsoft is showing off a new and improved version at E3, which you can get a closer look at in this video.

Stephen got some time with the controller earlier today, and aside from some general specs and features rundowns this vid also gives us a good idea of how the new adjustable thumbstick and trigger tension systems work.

Liking the new trigger/button thing, but despite the claims here the extra rubber around the front actually makes this look a bit cheaper than its predecessor. The Elite Series 2 will be out on November 4, and will retail for $US180 ($259). (Australian pricing isn’t available just yet.)


  • The real question I want answered is will it work with the upcoming Xbox as it’s one thing spending that kind of money on a controller that has future potential and another if it has a fixed end date being obsolete at the end of current generation.

  • I love the X1X controller (even to the point I use it on my PS4), but I do wish Microsoft would improve the face buttons. The PS4’s (and even better, the PS3’s) face buttons are much more progressive in feel, and faster to actuate.

  • I bought the current elite for PC use, but was disappointed it didn’t include the wireless adaptor. Doesn’t look like the V2 does either. They could at least have a version that includes the adaptor.

  • I love my Elite controller. I will probably upgrade if the thumbstick and trigger are well implemented.

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