A Guided Tour Of The Pricey Xbox One Elite Controller

A Guided Tour Of The Pricey Xbox One Elite Controller

This fall's Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller is packed with killer controller tech, but $US150? Perhaps a live walkthrough with Xbox senior marketing manager Navin Kumar can shed some light on the hefty price tag.

Mind you most of the light being shed in this video is blue, thanks to the venue's bad decisions, but the controller's matte black anyway so it really doesn't matter much.

Programmable, modular, potentially bionic, the point is pretty much this — the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a video game controller for those willing to pay $US150 for a teched-out game controller.

Also, it has a little face.

A Guided Tour Of The Pricey Xbox One Elite Controller


    I want one I love my current controllers but it beats paying for a custom controller

      But by buying this... aren't you paying for a custom controller? :-S

    I'm not that into the controller specifically, but I'd love it if Microsoft took this approach to their next 'elite' console version. Screw slightly smaller with a larger hard drive upgrade and slightly lower price. Give me something like this where it costs more but comes with features you'd never be able to justify putting on a competitively priced console. Second screen output, audio input, second hard drive bay, etc.

      I'd love this too. MS have already done this once in the past with the 'elite' 360 which at the time didn't replace the base model but rather sold along side it for a higher price tag.

    Am I the only one that thought the gamepad had been pixelated out to protect its identity?

      Nah, @Greenius had the same thought yesterday

    Even the controller can't believe how much it costs.

    If I wanted to watch YouTube videos I would go to YouTube. I come to this site for articles that I can read. How hard would it be to take the main points from the video and bullet point them?

      As you can see, they were making points on a video on the E3 show floor. They likely had limited time with the device, and could not just take a tonne of well lit and meaningful photos, and then go back to an office and compose their thoughts.

      Sure, it might have been more understandable, but it would have taken a while to do, and with E3, it's all about the speed of the reporting.

      It's not ideal, no, but I'm okay with them doing this as a short term story.

        Yeah, but just converting the major points into bullet points would take a couple of minutes and would be a lot more meaningful.

        Gizmodo have an article which basically covers what I wanted to see - http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2015/06/the-xbox-elite-controller-is-oh-so-exxy/

        Last edited 17/06/15 3:13 pm

          Don't forget this is a syndicated American article, nearly all of which are total rubbish. The Gizmodo article is Australian.

    $150 is a good price as long as they as good as the scuf controllers.

      Those controller textures look disgusting. Also, such a terrible shameless plug.

        Terrible and shameless wow, is there another popular brand of pro handsets out there? How else are you ment to compare pro controllers?

        Last edited 17/06/15 6:43 pm

          I bought a Cinch gaming controller, purely because Scuf sent me a broken controller and refused to replace it, so that was $250AU down the drain. DON'T buy from Scuf people. There's plenty others out there, Cinch, Sharq and now this one.

          But yeah the pricing is pretty on par with the third party companies.

    I would gladly pay for this if it eliminates the need to 'click' in the thumbsticks.

    this is really nice and all but id rather have a standard xbone controller with a 3.5mm stereo port,,,

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