Microsoft Buys Psychonauts 2 Developer Double Fine Productions

Microsoft Buys Psychonauts 2 Developer Double Fine Productions

Surprising the audience in attendance at its E3 2019 press conference (and basically everyone), Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Double Fine, the studio that made Psychonauts and is currently working on its sequel.

Taking the stage alongside Microsoft’s Matt Booty, Double Fine head Tim Schafer joked that he’s a “team player” who’ll make anything Microsoft wants. “Halo stuff,” he said, listing examples. “Uh… Forza stuff. Excel stuff. Whatever you want, we are there.”

“Tim, we just want you to make great games,” Booty replied.

“Phew, that’s such a relief, because I was totally lying,” replied Schafer.


  • Tim, we just want you to make great gamesHope they got that in a contract, because Schafer hasn’t made much of note since Psychonauts…

    • I enjoyed Brutal Legend: it was definitely flawed, but still quite fun. I think it’s main problem was that many people saw it as a bit of a bait and switch: expecting an action adventure game and getting an RTS game. It didn’t help that two thirds of the RTS factions were only usable in the multiplayer that became a ghost town.

      And some of their smaller games have been really good. They’ve also given some other members of the studio a chance to lead, rather than everything being a “Tim Schafer game”.

      • I loved Brutal Legend. I finished I and unlocked most things in it. I was ok with the bait and switch as I also love RTS games.

        Stacking was another cool game from Double fine.

  • So what becomes of Fig? Especially the people who “invested” in Psychonauts 2? I’m not particularly a business person but wouldn’t there be a competing interest between Microsoft and the Fig backers that put enough into the project to get returns from sales? What does this say for Fig as a whole if Double Fine got itself bought out after promoting Fig as a way of being able to continue doing what it loves?

    Actually, for that matter, what is going on with Fig? It was headlining when it first started up but there’s been neither hide nor hair about what has happened with projects on it and whether the model was successful. Though I guess this in itself is an answer to that question.

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