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We'll do a double dose of ScribbleTaku today... because comments have been a bit cooked this week. But we'll start with a fresh scribble.

And if you didn't get to yesterday's drawing, or just want to see if you can get in first, here's what the game is:

Both very, very good games. Good luck!

(And just in case the comments are still cooked for some...)


    Picture 1: The Hunt for Red October
    Picture 2: The Hunt for Red October

    #1 The witness

    Trying again as my first comment isn't displaying, sorry if this shows up twice at some point.

      All good! It's not The Witness though.

        Also, the email notification about this comment (and other comments I made today) linked to Gizmodo, and gave me a 404 when I clicked it instead of linking to this comment.

      I had a bunch of comments not appear earlier today as well.

        They should be OK now, if you post them. I don't know if older comments that didn't appear are being brought over (or if they were saved), unfortunately.

    The second game... The Chemist?

      You're on the right track...

        That rules me out then. Despite what you said earlier I have no idea what the yellow post-it is from.

        The only vibe I'm getting is from the label on the bottles as it looks like the D'ni language.

        Uru: Ages Beyond Myst?

          Right genre, wrong decade.

            Lass guess for this one.


              Not at all. Point and click, but much more indie (Riven was AAA back in the day) and very recently.

                Riven was AAA back in the day

                No it wasn't. I opened a book to Riven and I went to Riven.

                I wasn't asked for $0.49 every day for the privilege.


                Not at all. Point and click, but much more indie

                What the heck, one last shot (I've been allowed more than anyone has had in the past).

                Tumbleweed Park?

                  I mean, everyone can have multiple shots! And if I tell one or two people they're on the right track, everyone gets a clue.

                  You're in the right year (or years). Wrong theme for point and click though.

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