Teen Titans: Raven, The Next DC Ink Graphic Novel, Is Due Out July 2nd, And Here's A Trailer

Raven, in Teen Titans: Raven. (Illustration: Gabriel Picolo)

DC Ink is DC’s latest attempt to break into the YA direct market, and its next release, written by YA author Kami Garcia and drawn by Gabriel Picolo (who rose to viral fame with his illustrations of casual Teen Titans), is Teen Titans: Raven, coming out this winter.

At this weekend’s BookCon, Deadline caught up with Garcia and premiered the graphic novel’s trailer, which features sharp, evocative art and a version of Raven who has to deal with both regular teen life and the dark burden of her true past.

“Raven is an origin story,” Garcia told Deadline, “and I wanted to explore how it would feel to be a teen with powers without putting all the focus on the powers themselves.” Raven takes place in New Orleans, which Garcia says “felt like the perfect city for a magical character like Raven. I hope both YA fans and comics fans enjoy our original take.”

Based on what the trailer shows, it looks fantastic. The book launches July 2nd, and the duo are already slated to write a Beast Boy book as a follow up.


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