You Can Now Play Mass Effect 2 In First-Person

You Can Now Play Mass Effect 2 In First-Person

The Mass Effect games are third-person by design, but that hasn’t stopped LordEmil1 from creating a mod that lets PC gamers play the best of them—Mass Effect 2—from a first-person perspective.

You can’t play the whole game like this, as combat isn’t working properly due to clipping issues, but everything else, from wandering to conversations, looks fantastic.

Here’s the Normandy:

Somebody please get this working properly in VR asap.

You can download the mod here.


  • I don’t see what the point is, it’s like playing COD in third person, whatever floats your boat.

    • Well because its an RPG game i certainly would prefer 1st person. Just fits better imo, makes you feel more ‘there’.

      • Just from playing a lot of Mass Effect I feel like combat for this kind of game would just suck, and part of the whole enjoyment of the game is Shepherds facial animations.

        It’s just not a game built for first person, unlike what we’ve seen from Cyberpunk which is built for first person.

        • Yes but its only for exploration . Full conversations and combat are still regular 3rd person.
          Kinda says this here but not as accurate/clear as on the mod page.

          Though I’d happily try a version that also does the combat in 1st person but i imagine it would be all sorts of weird.
          And yes i agree for the full conversations you need to see everything not just the 1st person view.

  • Somebody please get this working properly in VR asap.

    yes, 1000x yes!

    VR modded flat screen games like Doom 3 BFG, Serious sam and even Minecraft have been some of the most intense and fun games iv played since the AAA VR scene doesnt really exist yet

  • If the person really wanted to advertise properly they should have shown miranda’s butt in 1st person.

  • Luke, it makes me sad seeing you say that ME2 is the best ME game. Clearly, thats ME1. Ruff around the edges, sure, but it had FAR more interesting macnics, and anyone who played the Biotic path in 1 got munted in 2 big time. ME3 then tryed to have a more blanced aproch, but even then it was still no where near as vircatyle and custom as what ME1 could be.

  • I get why people enjoyed ME2 the most, but 1 had in my eyes the best story, the best characters, far better RPG systems and a scope that made the universe feel massive, all of which 2 ignored to focus on a particular narrative structure which, although cool, leaves repeat playthroughs feeling a bit stale. Amazing final mission, but the rest of the game fell a bit flat for me. 3 got a bad wrap for the admittedly disappointing last 30 minutes, but for my money outside of that did a pretty good job selling me on its scale purely by the scope of its set pieces and had some great conclusions to some of the character arcs.

    1>3>2. Fight me.

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