Mod Makes Mass Effect On PC Look Absolutely Incredible

Mods can make Skyrim look better. They can make Grand Theft Auto look better. They can make, well, just about any PC game look better. Including Mass Effect.

A man by the name of JeanLuc761 has made a high-resolution texture pack for Mass Effect 1 & 2 that takes the series' relatively-muddy original textures and puts them on the galactic scale they deserve. If you like, you can stare into Shepard's face at 2048x2048 or, if you'r rather 4x the clarity of the vanilla game, 4096x4096.

If you were wondering how Dead End Thrills' Duncan Harris got his ME2 screens looking so sharp last week, well, now you know. You can download the mod at the link below.

Higher resolution textures for characters (PC Mod) [BioWare, via PC Gamer]


    Still pushing myself to finish ME2 before ME3 comes out, I shall download this and see. Jack look's so doppy in that screenshot lol. Yvonne... *cough* I mean Miranda looking absolutely gorgeous! =D

      If it makes you feel any better I havent even started ME2 yet (it is sitting on my shelf). Im waiting for all of the DLC to go on sale on XBL. Knowing my luck it will probably be the week ME3 is released :S

    4096×4096 is 16 times the number of pixels as 1024x1024, not 4 times.

      Why must you analyze everything with your relentless logic?


    Aw digital HD Yvonne *sigh* , soz going through Chuck withdrawals

      Well season 4 is coming out on Wednesday and season 5 (hopefully not the last one) is airing on fox 8 in March. I do miss my Chuck through. Best show on tv ever IMO.

        The series finale (and final eps of season 5) aired in the states a couple days ago.

        Channel bt > foxtel.

          yeah was going to say I have most of season 5 already (falling a bit behind)

          why waste money on Foxtel in the days of cable interwebs?

    Bah humbug I say!
    Only coz I finished my prep-for-ME3 playthrough of ME2 last night.

    Still, the screens do indeed look pretty.

    This mod is pretty old. Still a great mod thru Texmod, takes ages to load tho

    Miranda looks like Michael Jackson.

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